Who we are

The people who update this blog are the family, closest friends and supporters of Tom Cholmondeley. We are doing this in order to publicise what is happening in Nairobi and Kamiti jail, and trying to give Tom a voice. He has been in prison since May 2006, and his trial started in September 2006. His spirits are very low but he is an honourable man and is doing what needs to be done to bring this trial to some kind of conclusion. His girlfriend, Sally Dudmesh, and his parents visit him and bring us news of how he is. We will pass on any questions or comments to him from this blog and we will pass back any messages from him.

Being in jail in any country is tough – Kamiti jail is something else. We do what we can to keep him sane – please do what you can to keep him in your hearts and prayers, and help us raise awareness that all might not seem as simple as some stories have made it out to be. Could Tom have bought his way out of prison? Probably. Did he? No.

Team Tom


9 Responses to Who we are

  1. Mark Simpson says:

    This website is an excellent idea and will hopefully provide up to date news of Tom’s trial. It has been difficult following events from the UK, but now his friends from around the world will be able to keep in touch and provide support from afar.

    Please keep faith with the justice system, however slow it may seem and we are all thinking of him.

  2. Jeremy Garnett says:

    I am Tom’s cousin and so glad that he has not been abandoned and has found a way for his voice to be heard.
    The legal system and politics of Kenya are obviouly there own, they relate to the country, but justice is still a desirable end.
    God be with you Tom.

  3. David Blaikie says:

    I dont know Tom, but frankly what is going on is an absolute corruption of justice and fairness for human life. My heart goes out to the family and those involved.
    I hope that the Kenyan authorities come to their senses and realise their error, the injustice that is going on and the international out cry that this is creating.
    Good luck to you Tom, you are in our thoughts.

  4. Diccon Smeeton says:

    Big love, and all my thoughts and prayers… I will do whatever you need of me to help. It is important that justice prevails. I am thinking of you both, Sally and Tom, and remembering many happier times.

  5. Ann Delamere says:

    Wednesday’s all-day powercut at Kamiti has had a magical outcome. The lights are now bright enough to read by, kettles boil in less than 30 minutes, and the shower attachment I gave Tom now produces hot water for all ten people in his block. It has had a very cheering effect on Tom – the small luxuries of life make an enormous difference.

  6. Ali von Moltke says:

    Hi Tom
    Sofar Alex has been in touch with you but I wanted to write to you personally and say how much me and the boys also take part in all that concerns you. We have just recently looked at the pictures of your amazing stay with you on the farm. The boys were admiring the huge variety of wildlife we encountered in Soysambu all of which I photographed, also smiling pictures of Catherine and Waweru und the exciting trip to Lake Turkana, meeting with the tribespeople and visits to the local school and their dwellings. Now of course our boys want to come and see you and experience all this with their own eyes. Jago (9) has written a letter to you and hopefully I will find a way to get it to you, may be scan and email it. They both feel that they know you well from our stories and they send you their love and energy (both of which present in abundance 🙂
    Please stay strong, Tom, we have many times witnessed how brave you are and this will get you through until we all have you back in our midst.
    We are with you with all our hearts,
    love from Ali, Jago and Nikolai

  7. Jeremy Garnett says:

    Hi Tom
    I just remembered when you came to our wedding , the day before, we were in the caravan as rebuilding house and you were slouched over, normal, when Nicky said stand up straight man you did just that out of politeness and we still have the scar in the caravan, I am sure yours has healed and possibly any memory of it, but carry on standing up straight man!

  8. Paolo Lovatelli says:

    Caro Tom
    I often think about you and remember the good time we spent together.
    Remember the night you come back to rescue me in the Eburu forest?
    You have always been a man ready to help others.
    God will help you, be certain
    love Paolo

  9. Geoffrey Hebdon says:

    Good Day Tom, our family will do everything possible to help your case to be exposed to the World, and we will even go to the civil rights division of the UNO. Keep up your spirit of hope and faith, and you will succeed.

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