Help Tom

There are several causes that Tom is passionate about – not least of which is his farm in Naivasha. The next time someone visits Tom we will ask him what he thinks might be useful. There is little to do during the court periods, but people can help by supporting his causes – not the case directly.

The best thing that you can do is be vocal with your support. This helps Tom’s emotional state and also helps TT in our endeavour to prove that this man is not a cold blooded murderer and deserves a fair trial. The comments page tells you how to post comments to the site.


24 Responses to Help Tom

  1. Ian Read says:

    Have only just been forwarded this web site.Please give my regards to Tom and tell him we are often thinking of him and hope he regains his freedom soon so we can make another extended Motor Bike trip…..

  2. Andrew Blackman says:

    Tom – I’ve thought of you often over the last year and beyond, and have kept in touch with your latest news through Emma, and through friends visiting from Kenya. I cannot imagine how hard it is for you, who love the outdoors so much, to be confined as you are. However alone you must feel, there are many of us out here wishing you well, so hang on in there! I hope we can all have more positive news soon. Big hug from me. Andrew

  3. David Marshall says:

    Tom – I have neither met you or been to Kenya but through Team Tom, I know you more than some of my best friends (and I am now proud that I can spell your surname without hesitation!). The facts of this case seem pretty bloody clear. You are a major factor in the development of your country through the causes, development projects and families you support, it is unbelievable that politics are now the only thing keeping you inside.
    Looking forward to meeting up when you get out, but until then, keep it strong.
    Your friend Dave

  4. Penny Bachell says:

    Dear Tom, As David Marshall wrote, we have neither met you, nor been to Kenya. However, I have absolute faith in my friends’ opinion of you. They have told me of the times you have travelled many miles to get medicine for your local people, and the care you have bestowed upon them.

    I know that you are respected and loved by those that know you well, and always have been. Please let this travesty of justice be balanced. I feel it my duty to pass on your information to my friends and relatives that are ‘custodians of justice’.

    My uncle, Stephen Charles Bachell lived in what was Rhodesia many years ago. He adored his life in South Africa, but was aware of the ‘problems’ that would arise. He came back to England to live, but missed his ‘adored’ home, Africa. You are a truly loving, giving human being. Keep the faith Tom, your as yet unmet friends Pen and family

  5. Cath Hickton-Burnett says:

    Like Ian, I’ve just found out about this website and wish to send my regards to Tom and – Tom – hang in there. Hopefully this site will help people to see this case for what it really is and realise that you’re NOT the trigger-happy, callous and racist person some of the articles I’ve read have portrayed you as being. My memories of you and the conversations we had about Kenya are totally the opposite! Here’s to you being released soon! Hugs, Cath.

  6. Corbett Bishop says:

    Hallo Tom!

    Greetings from Tanzania. Hope you’ve enjoyed the books I’ve sent up…shall send another batch via Sally soon.

    Sorry to hear its been a bit tough lately…but also glad to hear that there are some solid dates ahead of you, that must be an incredible relief indeed. Sounds like you are getting good vists as well!

    Greatly admiring your integrity and grit in this situation, setting a fine example of both for all of us in this part of the world. Considering the lack of solidarity amongst some contempraries and colleagues I find it doubly admirable. These qualities are becoming more and more rare and it is always an inspiration to find them intact and thriving.

    I have no doubt that you will endure the entire process with grace and elan…ignore the ignorance and negativity out there, stick o your principle and values. We who know you know that you are a good, solid man.

    The rest will find out soon enough. Best to you. Corbett

  7. Diana Gibb says:

    Dear Tom,
    I have just heard from your mother that your friends have set up a blog for you so this is just to let you know that we are all thinking of you and are longing to be able to crack out a bottle of bubbly with you here in Sussex.
    Your Gibb relations are thinking of you often, and many people ask me how you are getting on so I am now ‘up to speed’ with it all . Your Godfather John asks me so I send him any news I have of you.
    Your boys came to tea here not so long ago, with Alexander and Henrietta and family and they all seemed to get on well. Hugh & Henry had been sailing at Bewl which they enjoyed – my boys learnt there many moons ago!A&H have bought a house in Dog Kennel Lane which is round the corner from Freemans.
    I think of you (and your family) so often and do hope it is not all too unbearable. Try to keep cheery – With love Di

  8. Sandra Mills says:

    I read the update from Sally today and hope and pray that after all this time you will keep your strength up to be there in court when the time comes. I have been following Team Tom for a few weeks now and wanted to pass on my support for justice to prevail. Emma has told me so many wonderful things about you. My thoughts are with you at this time.
    Love Sandra

  9. Stella Gillingham says:

    Dear Tom,
    We have not met – not yet, but I’m sure we shall one day in the not too distant future. I have known Sally since she was 8 years old and was her guardian for a time when she was at school in Devon and her parents were abroad. We have been kept up to date with what’s happening, down here in Devon, by Sally’s mother , Jo and by Sally herself ( we saw her on her last trip home recently). Anyway, Tom, knowing Sally as I do and the faith she has in you, has prompted me to send this message to say that we are thinking of you and pray for the justice you rightly deserve. I look forward to our meeting and perhaps a long walk on our beautiful wild Dartmoor – not quite as wild as your wonderful countryside but still very beautiful!

  10. Sveva says:

    Dearest Tom,

    I think of you often, very often, from the corner of Cornwall I now inhabit. I hope that this prolonged and unfair incarceration has not shackled your spirit and that you have found vast resources in your mind and soul, with the love of Sally and all your wonderful friends and family to carry the flame and keep the path lit. Perhaps it was not what the adventurous man in you expected but I am sure you have travelled leagues within yourself… Hopefully there will be many conversations under acacia trees soon.

    Tom, we are all right behind you… Sending love and blessings. If there is anything I can do… In the meanwhile, next time I am home, I shall send a thought accross the landscpae you know so well.

    A HUGE HUGE HUG to you and lots of LOVE,


  11. Mark Simpson says:

    Appalled to hear that you have no water in your block and hope this is remedied soon.
    Sue and I will be thinking of you with you court cases imminent. On a side note, i found some old photos of your pick up truck with two leopards languishing in the back and on the roof with you inside. Taken on the D.I.Y safari near the Mara that you and Giles organised for us all back in 1989 I think!

    Please try and keep your spirits and morale up and we do appreciate that it is difficult, particularly at this time of year – you have an amazing family and numerous close friends from around the world thinking of you !

    with all our love

    Mark and Sue

  12. Will Stanley says:

    I get snippits of news about what is going on from the folks. I will always remember the days of Soysambu as my best.

    Face this with the same determination and grit as you did the nyati, sawa sawa.

  13. Lee Pilkington says:

    Hi Tom
    Hasn’t photography improved since the days of our little safari with Pinky in 1989?- I could have sworn they were cheetahs as, laughing away, we raucously tapped on the rear glass screen of the pickup. The rashness of our actions only hit home the next day when the screen dropped out of it’s rubber when we went over a pothole. happy, happy times!!!
    I just cannot swallow what is happening to you now, and if I think about it too much I feel furious at the incredibly protracted nature of your fight to clear your name. It all seems so unnecessarily slow- a bit like being told you have to drive up the M1/ M6 to Scotland in a landrover in low ratio 1st gear- as a passenger! I so wish I could flick her into top gear for you- it seems such a pity to keep your wonderful enthusiasm and energy under lock and key for any longer than absolutely necessary. Meanwhile you must use it to pull you through these hard times- we are all 100% behind you, 100% certain of your innocence, 100% just wanting you back home again!!!!Hang in there! We’re all thinking of you !(only because there’s not alot else we can b****y well do!)
    Yours ever, The Pilks

  14. Matt Gladstone says:

    here’s a silly joke. German, would you believe?
    Mother deer is talking to her son, who, though young, already has a fine head of antlers. They are in the laundry room.
    “Go to your bedroom at once”, she says, “I can’t believe you’ve done it again. I mean, look at the mess you’ve made of this pillow”.

    Anyway, hope it gives you some diversion, and thinking of you as ever

  15. Michael Fletcher says:

    Well here are some old faces or older faces ah who cares. Lee has it, your family and everyone else need you on the outside, its always been a lot more entertaining that way. Tough times hit us all but this is going on too long but these’s so little we can do. I’ll see if I can send you a Viz or two:

    Top tip:

    Funeral goers avoid embarrassing mistakes: ALWAY read dress code instructions carefully as the word ‘sombre’ is only two letters off ‘sombrero’ .

  16. Ali von Moltke says:

    Hi Tom we have just missed Paris… he didn’t make it to us before heading off to Kenya on Saturday and two letters -one from Jago, our son, and one from us and lying here…. but we will find a way to get them to you soon. Paris will have delivered our good wishes and all. Thank you for writing to all your friends via the site. I am also in touch with Alexander McLean. I think he is doing some amazing work and hopefully we can support him in the future.
    Love and enegery from Ali & boys

  17. Matt Gladstone says:

    I just got back to england for christmas and have to say the change in awareness since my last visit (pre this site) is huge. The team here are doing are great job and the Ch 4 news and this site seems to have made a big difference.
    Bit short of crap jokes this time I’m afraid. The email seems to be full of people selling me viagra and worse… but little of any entertainment value…
    All the best for xmas – hope something good happens for that

  18. Mark Simpson says:

    Just to say that we are all thinking of you on this difficult day for you. Be strong and have faith – all will be sorted soon.

    Happy Christmas and may 2008 be a year for justice.

    Mark and Sue

  19. sharon foxton says:

    Tom many years ago me and a bunch of your mad house guests would play crazy games in the small cottage you had whilst at cirencester, Richard being my boyfriend at the time. All my love and positivity are with you.

  20. Ian says:

    you people keep talking about “fairness” in your posts…does anyone care about the men that were killed, their widows and children?

  21. Mulqueeny says:

    Ian, you are right, we are being insensitive to not recognise the sorrow of the person killed, his children, wife, mother etc and I promise that this site is not supposed to undermine them. Tom did try to get this man to hospital, this was not a ‘gunning down’

    Team Tom, and certainly the Delameres are not blind to the grief that people who are suffering, but as Tom’s family and friends, we are also standing with him in this tragedy

  22. Anthony Craig says:

    Hello Tom I’m Tony, I live in a remote rice farming community in Northeastern Thailand. My heart goes out to you and your family, I pray for you and send all the luck in the world. i too am a prisoner, I too am being made into a politically motivated example. I too have fed the poor and given my time by teaching in the local school, giving medicine and help to many poor and old people here in Thailand, but it mean nothing to a politically corrupt system as is Thailand’s. I am lucky not to be in prison, I’m a house prisoner, without my UK passport, but I face 15 years in the Bangkok Hilton. My crime was not paying the police for protection. They made up charges anyway, one was for not having a licence for a bird, a bird I saved from death. I hate to see free spirits like you being made into a political scape goat. I lived in Mombasa for a while, i’ve lived all over the world. They cannot take those memories from people like us. Close your eyes and fly out of there Tom.

  23. charlotte houston says:

    hi tom I have just found this web site via the international express. we had such magic times for two years at cirencester – they were great carefree days and crazy parties…..! I now live in south africa married to a farmer and have two more sons. luke lives in cairo and has just got engaged. I will be in kenya in sept – can I bring you anything? I also wirte in newspapers and can stir up things –

  24. charlotte houston (weston) says:

    …continued would ithelp to publicise your plight in the south african news media? living on this crazy beautiful continent is so different to the rest of the world and your situation could easily happen to any of us living in rural communities. love as ever charlotte (weston)ps stay strong

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