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24 Responses to How to comment

  1. Charlie Hoffman says:

    Please tell Tom that I am thinking of him and know that his courage will take him through this time. He is built of such strong stuff and only the strongest are sent such agonising itinerarys of life. With such loyal and widespread support the truth will out so just hang on in there. Salaams. Charlie Hoffman

  2. Ann Delamere says:

    We have just had our six-monthly game count- ten 4×4 vehicles and an aeroplane, and lots of help from the KWS and everyone on the farm. The overall count came out at 1,000 head less animals than last time, in spite of a wonderfully wet year, and everything breading busily. It seems that the poachers have had a profitable year, as snared animals were found and poachers’ dogs were shot by the KWS, However, we still have over 14,000 head here, and they are looking very well! Tom is worried that the buffalo have increased by over 100 head, and spread all over the farm, which isn’t very safe for the school children.

  3. Camilla says:

    Dearest Tom Chom,

    Be strong like a wise old buffalo! I can’t imagine how hard it is to be where you are, but I have to believe that JUSTICE works in Kenya and you will have a fair trial, and my heart says you are a good and honourable man, so buffalo soilder i look forward to seeing you out and about!
    lots of love milla chops

  4. Wendy Anthony-Hoole says:

    Dear Tom,
    I hope and pray that something wonderful happens before Christmas. Thank God you are the person you are, as most people would have crumbled well before now.You are in so many people’s thoughts and wishes. Never stop believing that Truth and Justice WILL prevail.
    Fiona sent me a couple of quotes which i know will strike a chord with you. In your case i find the 2nd quote a little hard to swallow, since it is you who is suffering, but it is food for thought.

    “For most it takes more than a lifetime to realise that surface pleasures will never fill the soul and give ultimate fulfilment as Siddartha realised”

    “If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should see sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility”

    You are always in my thoughts and i am looking forward to that long overdue Sundowner on the Precipice.

    All my Love, Wendy.xxoooxxx

  5. Lucia says:

    My Dear Tom
    I cannot believe this is happening to you. You are a born survivor and I know you will be home with your family as soon as possible. Be very strong. Lots of Love Lucia xx

  6. Wendy Anthony-Hoole says:

    I am just so pleased that the media is just now beginning to take note of the horrors and injustice that you are having to endure. It’s been a long time coming – far too long. The Times article on Sunday even managed to get your age and height right for a change. If the media can’t get those simple facts right, then what can they get right?
    I hope to goodness that it helps to raise awareness about how WRONG this whole situation is. The more the ripples spread, the more likely that this corrupt justice system will be shamed into releasing you with a full pardon, under the weight of public opinion over this COMPLETE AND UTTER TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE

  7. Jonathon Baxter-Zorin says:

    Hi Tomsk, long time, long time and long time. Head up and exercise; Sally’s recent note said you’d stopped. Eeek!, start again. Even if you just try finger wagging – could come in very useful later on, perhaps not pointing though ‘cos they might get the wrong idea. Terribly sorry the world’s such a shitbox sometimes. Look forward to taking you out for a spin soonest. Wish you all the luck in the world with beating the counterproductive wastrels. Find any vailable ugly and smile earnestly at them until you burp – might make you giggle. If not, just stare amiably at the sky, we’re all under the same one old bean. Together.



  8. Lucia says:

    Hi Tom
    Well it is the weekend here in London Town and guess what it is pissing with rain, good old England!!! Matthew, the children and our little dog have gone for a walk on Wimbledon common and now they are going to come back absolutely soaked, great!! You looked fab on Channel 4 news on 5th December, you made me late for supper with my father!!!! Keep strong dear friend. Lots of Love Lucia x

  9. Rebecca Lawson-Tancred says:

    Those were the days, and they will be again! I have so many wonderful photos of happy times, they will come once more, have faith. I have thought of you often, prayed this ordeal will be over soon. You will win through I am sure. Come and see us in gorgeous Yorkshire, we have two kiddies now, Timmy and Esme, Timmy is just like Uncle Humphrey with Uncle Rupert’s hair! Lots of love and support to you and your wonderful parents. BecsXX

  10. Willie Athill says:

    Dear Tom
    My thoughts are with you and I pray in my feeble way that you will get out of that place and be free . In the meantime we will try our best to give you some support.
    Much love Tom

  11. Melanie says:

    ‘Dear Tom, I’d been so hoping to see a resolution at your last appearance and, along with everyone else who knows and loves you, I can’t wait for the judgement that sees you back with us in good health. Berkeley, Hugh and I keep you in our thoughts and I’m happy to know that Marion and Mother both come to visit you. My very best wishes to you dear Tom, my fondest love, Roo.

  12. Andrew Blackman says:

    Dear Tom,

    Happy Christmas from freezing, foggy, festive Sussex – wish you were here and not there. Will raise a glass to you on the day. Look forward to 2008 being a much, much better year for you.

    Much love, Andrew

  13. Andrew Blackman says:

    Happy New Year..!! Hope Christmas wasn’t too gruesome, though it must have been even harder than usual for you. With the start of a new year I hope you can look forward to a prompt and fair trial, and for a just outcome. I hear lots of your news from Emma, so I will be very up-to-date with what’s going on this year. Hope we’ll see you in 2008 – all best wishes. Andrew

  14. Ian Read says:

    The 2nd to 4th paragraphs Of The Blog of the 27th Jan sum up the current situation very succinctly but the inter Tribal rivalries are being fuelled by the two contending parties who are only interested in hanging onto power or gaining it.

  15. Ian Read says:

    I was unable to finish what I wanted to say as it suddenly ‘posted’ itself before I had finished.But until these ‘polititians descide to try and help Kenya first,and not just themselves,there is very little hope of any progress for the ordinary people.Unfortunately in the majority of Countries those who seek power ultimately only do it primarily out of self interest.Fair enough but having lined their pockets to the tune of many,many millions of dollars one might just hope that eventually having stolen more money than they could ever spend they would put a little back into the economy as their final legacy.Unfortunately it is extremely unlikely.Best regards to Tom.

  16. Dominique Black (Lewis) says:

    Dear Tom
    Just a little note to let you know that Brandon and I are thinking about you often and we pray this madness will end for you soon. Remember you are always welcome in both our homes should you ever find yourself in our area. We have asked Mum to be with you.
    With much Love
    Dominique and Brandon

    Please send our love to Ann and Hugh

  17. Tiz Prentice says:

    Dearest Tom,
    You are in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck today. Please try and stay strong, you are dearly loved by all who know you. You will be at Kimberley this year. Big love as always. Tiz

  18. Jennifer says:

    I have loads of arguments and go to great lengths to explain to liberal minded Ozzies, New Zealanders and English that the indigenous people in Africa are indeed a hapless, lazy lot. Usually they are extremely offended but then they have not been attacked or their homes ransacked. Now those same folk are commiting similar crimes on the streets of London perhaps it start to dawn on them. Hope you are with your family soon. Jennifer

  19. scott winnard says:

    In Canada at the moment , and for some spooky reason put in your name on the Hotel computer and up flashed your web site – a great idea.

    Sorry we have not been in touch , in fact we have not seen you since you were blowing fire at our wedding.

    Harry is now 8 and Lucy 6 , Jackie is a ski instructor and i am selling/valuing development land for Bruton Knowles.

    One thing you did for me other than Leadbelly , was introduce me to gocarting in your home made cart , together with the Youngs.

    After a 10 year pause , i have just returned to racing in Historics and hope to be at Goodwood in the summer. So you have a lot to answer for.

    Hope you are out very soon and that you are able to come and see us.

    Great to read the comments from your other friends.

    All the best


  20. Simon Young says:

    long time no hear life this end is going on and things getting better day by day. wot news?

    Si and Clo

  21. Cathy says:

    Just hang on there, not for long now.
    Fair or not, we’re in Kenya… so justice????? what is it here!
    I followed your trial through Simon and Wendy, see U out soon

  22. Abdi Mohamed Haji says:

    Dear Tom
    Be brave and finish your jail term in swahili they say jela ni ya wanaume.
    Iknow you are brave and all will end well.I had sincerely hoped they would set you free that thursday morning.Keep strong and all will end well.

  23. amanda gibb says:

    Tom, This is all soo wierd ( writing on a fairly public thing….)I need to get with the programme, apparently….
    However, if this the only way of saying hello and letting you know that I am thinking about you, then so be it.

    JBZ, is so right, excersise is a huge key and an even bigger leveller.Also the life being a shitbox is pretty on the nail too.

    Spent some time with H and H on Sun, they love their painting and their trains.They are fantastic.
    Not long now

    With all love xxxx

  24. amanda gibb says:

    really not long now…..

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