Next court date is going to be May 2008

We will let you know more when we have it.


Team Tom


2 Responses to Next court date is going to be May 2008

  1. Edward Speiran says:

    Honestly, I was heartsick to see that the next court date is in May – and that it was good news that the delay was not worse. I often think of this site, and some of the postings, such as Tom’s exercise routine and his desire for smelly cheese:) Basically, I’m just writing because if thinking about a person or his circumstances counts for anything, even if I’m powerless to do anything, then I just want Team Tom to know that he, and you, are thought about. Lady Delamere’s response to Choral was just terrific – letting us know what’s happening, how you’re all dealing with Tom’s situation as well as the terror afflicting so many others in Kenya. I hope Fate’s wheel starts turning more in favor of Tom, and Kenya.
    Edward Speiran

  2. Jeremy Garnett says:

    It must seem like forever to Tom it certainly does to me, know Tom that I hope that by thinking of you some of my occasionally good karma will rub off on you, i want to see you standing – bloddy- tall and free again soon, keep the good work at the conservancy going.
    I don’t know if this will help , but I read of an American pilot who was captured by the Vietnamese and was there ‘guest’ for 4 years and kept his sanity by mentally building a hotel and then managing it on a daily basis, greeting guests , checking menu’s etc in fact everything required to keep it going, you could do the same but use Soysambu, I am more than willing to be one of your 1st mental visitors, i am after all 1/2 mental, probably.

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