Update from Lady Delamere Jan 20th 2008

We went to see Tom on Wednesday. He is well but bored, and says the time seems to be passing very slowly. There has been no trouble in the prison – and we encountered no trouble on the outskirts of Nairobi or on the almost deserted Transafrican Highway home, but he is feeling very semi-detatched, shut away from the whole Kenya crisis.


One Response to Update from Lady Delamere Jan 20th 2008

  1. Choral Lester says:

    Greetings to Tom from Chicagoland, USA.

    By reading the news and now your website, I am following your case via internet for my friend who is a retired school teacher 79 years old. She has so many questions, yet I dare not pass to her incorrect information which seems so easily found in news reports.

    The Kenya crisis as we read about it here in the States seems to focus primarily on hunger crises among the poor; and both tribal warfare and political warfare (if you will) within the government. So little seems to be said about the horrific ecological problems that to any logical mind would seem to be the root cause of Kenya’s turmoil.

    Am I being too simplistic to imagine that a land that is being stripped of its most vital natural resources would be the most serious problem at hand? Peoples can be fed by relief organizations, but if the land is empty of it’s ability to provide essentials, how can anyone live? Band-aid (bandages) cannot cure thirst or hunger.

    I searched your website to learn if you and your family have been caught up in the struggle to save the Environment (your patch of it at least) only to have your lives put at risk by those that do not care or are fanatics or are simply ignorant. I have not found the answer to that yet.

    Perhaps in future someone might elaborate for us here on this part of the globe?

    We do hope you are safe in that prison. And the legal system there seems very odd to us. Next month will you be finally allowed to present your side of the case, or does the term “appeal” mean that your case was decided and lost last fall and you are allowed a legal right to “appeal” the decision as it is done in the USA?

    It seems that very much is riding on your shoulders. And you may indeed be firmly advised to keep quiet about your situation (that would drive me crazy I think). However, if you or someone on your “TeamTom” could/would email us, it would be most appreciated. Perhaps we could help somehow.

    Meantime, my friend and I both trust that you will be given a fair trial, and that your suffering will not be in vain, but bring ultimate good to Kenya, the land your family has loved for so many years.

    “Goodness begets goodness.” That is my personal motto. (I am a fan of Karen Blixen. She kept personal mottoes for herself which I never realized how powerful those can be for one until I tried it for myself.)

    So to you, Tom, I would pray that your Goodness begets Goodness for yourself, for your family, for your land, and for your country and all its inhabitants!

    God Bless!


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