At last – we have word directly from Tom!

“Thank you all very much for all your support; I love hearing from old friends, it is great to have new ones and even negative input as at least they are  thinking of me! A huge load is off my mind as information is getting out to the wider world that is truthful and unbiased. It is very easy to fit me to a  stereotype and to ignore the rest.

I’m very stressed living in limbo as my interlocutory appeal may not be heard until February (about 8 months after filing it!). It is important to fight for my right to a fair trial as the precedent would affect 38 million Kenyans. Without the right to a “reserved defence” an 800 yr old principle of common law will be lost and instead of the prosecution proving my guilt, I would have to prove my innocence.

It would be great to talk about some details of the case but that would break the sub-judice rules and I think many of you will have figured out what happened. I am bursting to give my defence but am consumed with dark fears that there are some forces that would delay that to save themselves embarrassment (or perhaps I am completely paranoid from being in here).

It is unbelievably rough in here. I’d talk about it specifically but as it is a day of both water and power, I feel strangely mellow. In addition I am not sure whether the prisons dept. really want their peccadillos discussed. I’m using myself as a crash test dummy and now have a burning desire to do something about prisons reform. This set up resembles a lowry painting with overtones of Dickens. I have tried with various plumbing bits, an electric shower, some plastic chairs and some printer cartridges for the library. It all feels very futile against a 30 year old prisons act and old overcrowded buildings.

I have so much on my mind, but the hardest part is to separate my rational suggestions from bitterness. Check out the African Prisons Project as they have done some great work in here and I really liked Alex McClean who runs it. Only by huge effort will the institutionalised apathy be vanquished here. Most warders individually quite decent but hampered by legislation which makes the whole place a bit Dad’s army.

I’ll see how this goes down before I tell you some more.”


One Response to At last – we have word directly from Tom!

  1. Edward Speiran says:

    My name is Edward Speiran, living in New York City. I have been aware of the situations involving Tom since May 2006 since I was traveling in Kenya at the time. I confess that initially I was interested because of the “White Mischief” connection, but in my defense that connection was unfortunately and irrelevantly the focus of the reporting. As time went on, I was dismayed by the lack of information, and then disturbed when I realized that the lack of information was caused by the delay in proceedings. I commend the efforts of the Team. I will not engage in speculation, opinion or analysis. Even in May 2006, I was impressed by the dignity and fortitude which Tom displayed, and see from his posting and his mother’s postings that both remain intact. So, my sole offer is that I join with others in hoping for the best. Sincerely, Edward Speiran

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